Community Fund

To be eligible the projects must reside in the Community Geographic Area as shown below.

Desired Project Outcome / Benefits

Applications for grants from the Fund should clearly articulate anticipated project outcomes and benefits for the communities and specifically how the project will:

  • Contribute directly to the community and/or generate benefits that do not presently exist,
  • Contribute long-term solutions to issues, utilize the fund to attract additional funding for the project
Important guidelines for applications:
  • Objectives must be clear
  • Application must be complete
  • Project must be feasible and justifiable
  • Organization must have the capacity to execute and implement the project
  • Project must have a solid social support
  • Voluntary work should be promoted
  • Target group and local community must be involved
Funding Announcements

Funding decisions for qualifying applicants may be announced at any time but will be announced prior to the beginning of the next funding period. Successful applicants may be advised of the funding decision verbally but written confirmation of the decision on FOMB letterhead will be sent.  This written notification is to be considered as the only official confirmation of the grant.


Recipients must allow Waste Connections and/or the Friends of The Mer Bleue Inc and/or whomever they authorize to publicize any grants awarded along with any associated photos.

Acknowledgement of the grant

Grant recipients are required to erect a plaque or other permanent signage or information piece on or near the project acknowledging the Waste Connections/Friends of The Mer Bleue Inc Community Fund as contributing to the project. Promotional material should also reflect this information.

Applications for the following will not be considered:
  • Projects that do not reside in or directly benefit the defined community.
  • Ongoing maintenance or salaries
  • Projects for cultural heritage
  • Applications for religious purposes
Apply for the Community Fund