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The Waste Connections/Friends of The Mer Bleue Inc. Community Fund was created to build upon the work that has taken place between Waste Connections (formerly Waste Services Inc.) and the Friends of Mer Bleue (FOMB) over the past several years. Waste Connections agreed to donate to the Fund 44¢ for every tonne of material that is landfilled at the Navan Road site. The fund is intended to provide financial support or assistance for projects that enhance and improve the community and its public spaces. Recently it was decided to expand the purpose of the fund to include this scholarship program. The Fund is administered by the FOMB.


The purpose of the scholarship is to provide encouragement, in the way of financial assistance, to graduating high school students who are pursuing courses of study in environmental engineering or environmental sciences at a Canadian university or college.

The Scholarship

The scholarship amount will be $2,000 per recipient attending an east end high school identified in this list. Each high school will be allowed to award one $2,000 bursary per year to a qualifying student.  The bursary is not cumulative nor may it be transferred. In the event a specific school has no qualified students the school will not receive the 2,000 bursary to award that year.  Students at that school will be eligible the following year.  It is anticipated the scholarships will be available for the next 10 – 15 years.  In the event funds are no longer available all participating schools will be advised in writing no later than April in any given year.


    • To be eligible students must:
  • Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
  • Reside in the City of Ottawa, and during their last year of secondary education have attended one of the high schools located east of Blair Road,  which are in the Ottawa/Carleton School District .
  • Be a school that is listed in this document.
  • The applicant must provide documentation from a Canadian college or university acknowledging their enrollment and confirming their acceptance into environmental engineering or environmental sciences.

Selection criteria

Each school will be responsible for selecting the recipient and awarding the bursary. Applications should be made to the school guidance department or other department designated by the individual school. Each school will develop its own selection criteria that, in addition to the mandatory eligibility requirements contained in this document, may contain other requirements such as academic excellence and community involvement. Each school is required to provide Friends of Mer Bleue with their selection criteria.


Each school will provide Friends of Mer Bleue with the following:

  • A copy of their selection criteria.
  • The name and address of the annual recipient.
  • The name of the post secondary institution the recipient will be attending and the field of study.
  • The school will be responsible for issuing the appropriate T slips and reporting on same to the CRA
  • Each recipient must agree to have his/her picture taken and published along with the fact that he/she has been awarded a scholarship.