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Purpose and Background

The Sponsoring Group is the Friends of The Mer Bleue (FoMB) who administer the Waste Connections Canada (WCC)/Friends of The Mer Bleue (FOMB) Community Fund

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide encouragement in the way of financial assistance through a Scholarship/Bursary opportunity for college/university tuition to graduating high school students who are pursuing post-secondary education at a Canadian University or College. Graduating students, who plan on pursuing courses of study/and or research in which at least one environmental related course will be completed, are eligible to apply.  It is anticipated that the studies will result in a University Degree designation, Ontario College Certificate, Ontario College Graduate Certificate, or an Ontario College Diploma.

Scholarship Value

The current scholarship amount is $2,000 per recipient attending an eligible school. Each eligible school will be allowed to award one $2,000 bursary per year to a qualifying student.  The bursary is not cumulative nor may it be transferred. In the event a specific school has no qualified students the school will not receive the $2,000 bursary to award that year.  Students at that school will be eligible the following year.

It is intended that this bursary will continue for years to come however, your school will receive annual confirmation in writing that such is the case.

Eligibility Criteria
Mandatory Requirements
  • To be eligible students must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
  • Eligible students must reside in the City of Ottawa, and during their last year of secondary education have attended one of the High Schools located east of Blair Road in Gloucester, Ontario which are in the Ottawa/Carleton School District.  These Schools are listed above under “Eligible Schools”.”
  • The applicant must provide documentation from a recognized Canadian university or college acknowledging their enrolment and confirming their acceptance into a degree or diploma program. Proof that the studies include at least one environmental related course must be provided by the applicant.
Additional Requirements
  • In addition to ensuring the mandatory requirements, (above), are met each school will be responsible for determining the criteria for the bursary, selecting the recipient and awarding the bursary. The school is required to provide FOMB with a copy of their selection criteria once it has been established.
Application/Award Process

The process is primarily driven by the school. Specifically each School will be responsible for;

  • Determining the award criteria beyond the mandatory requirements specified earlier.
  • Providing the FoMB Fund committee a copy of the award criteria.
  • Posting the scholarship opportunity on appropriate school lists, including the school’s website, Facebook page, etc.
  • Receiving the applications, Applications must be submitted to the Guidance Councillor/Scholarship Manager or as otherwise directed by the attending school. Students must submit their applications to their school and not the FoMB
  • Selecting and awarding of the scholarship to the successful student, NB the Grant Application period closes the end of May of the current school year.
  • Providing the FoMB fund committee and your school board the necessary information to allow them to produce the cheques for the selected student and as well prepare the appropriate Income Tax receipts,
  • Providing the FoMB Fund Committee with the name and address of the successful student along with confirmation of the post-secondary institution the student has been accepted into and the name of the environmental related course.
  • Scholarship winners, as a condition of receiving the award, must be willing to have their names publicized by the FoMB and/or WCC.
  • Upon notification from a school that a successful candidate has been selected the FoMB fund committee will issue a cheque to the appropriate school board, who in turn will prepare a cheque, along with the appropriate tax forms, for presentation to the student.
  • We have attempted to make the process as easy as possible both for the school and the applicants and hope that all the eligible schools will select a student for the scholarship award for the current school year.